PT Mercu Buana Center

PT Mercu Buana Center serves as a dedicated platform, made available for every valued and excellent resource from Universitas Mercu Buana. As an extension of Universitas Mercu Buana, PT Mercu Buana Center was established to provide the best service for both the needs of the public and business entities in the field of education and academic training, meeting the needs of labor, and building construction services which are the embodiment of the noble values of Mercu Buana University in share academic professionalism & mastery in applied science.

Integrity is our guideline to always provide the best service for all your company needs. PT Mercu Buana Center will continuously innovate and adapt to the development of globalization so that our company’s capabilities are relevant to the industry’s ever-dynamic needs. Change does not necessarily bring success, but there is no success without Buana Building Service Solutions change, and change for the better is our commitment to your company.

Our Vision

Becoming a company that professionally combines the capabilities of academics with skills in a proven and highly respected industry.

Our Mission

Our Services

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