Mercu Buana Center

Mercu Buana Center was formed on 9 September 2019 when the company was founded Mercu Buana Center serves as a dedicated platform, made available for every valued and excellent resource from Mercu Buana University. Our services are an actualization of Mercu Buana University’s noble vision in sharing their academic professionalism and mastery to a wider field of organizations.

Operate as an arm of the University, we were profoundly inspired to embody the breath and depth of Mercu Buana University’s multifaceted educational approach. Carrying the responsibility of providing solutions to many contemporary affairs faced by organizations today.

Mercu Buana Center has a professional business called Buana Education & Learning Institute which focuses on conducting training, research and consulting. Mercu Buana Center is also supported by two business divisions, namely Buana Building Service Solution which focuses on the field of labor distribution and asset management at Mercu Buana University. The last business division is Buana Construction which focuses on construction work and interior design.